The first ever sexual Assault evidence kit for at-home use

MeToo is founded on the principle that you should be able to take back control.

Your experience. Your kit. Your story. Your life. Your choice.

Every survivor has a story, every survivor has a voice.

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Evidence collection is administered within the confines of the survivor's chosen place of safety. Me Too also provides additional means of support via our mobile application, eliminating the guesswork out of the documentation process, and allowing the survivor to focus on what matters most: their recovery.


 The MeToo Kit is designed to address the problem associated with the traditional sexual assault kits available to survivors. Most importantly, our kit empowers survivors to accurately collect evidence in a setting and timing of their choice.


How To Use

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Swab the areas indicated in the instructions.



Spit into the provided container.



Seal all of the collections as well as clothing articles in the packaging provided.



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Ease Of Use

The design of the MeToo Kit ensures that it can be used practically by anyone of any gender, ethnicity, religion, race, or sexual orientation. It is truly universal and does not need any specialized training to be administered, unlike most of the standard DNA evidence retrieval kits for sexual assault survivors.

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With the MeToo Kit, you can say goodbye to worries over the confidentiality of your details and information. We provide security safeguards and implement controls designed to protect your information.

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You choose precisely the information you want to share while using the MeToo Kit. You are in total control of what you release.

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The MeToo Kit comes at a pocket-friendly price. You can also pre-order right here on our website.

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24/7 Support

MeToo Kit offers 24/7 live support services. We can assist through the documentation process and connect our users with the most helpful resources.

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Video Services

Another outstanding feature of the MeToo Kit, is our video recording service which enables a second layer of documentation, further protecting survivors.


Mobile App

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MeToo App works hand in hand with the Kit

Me Too Kit integrates a user friendly mobile application, so our users receive step-by step guidance and support.

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Why Is The MeToo Kit Important?

With MeToo Kit, we are able to collect DNA samples and other tissues, which upon testing can provide the necessary factual evidence required in a court of law to identify a sexual predator’s involvement with sexual assault.

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